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99 red balloons

We all know the song. We remember it from a childhood party or from the local disco or perhaps it was on the radio whilst you were driving that gold Ford Cortina. And your probably thinking - Isla, what on earth has this got to do with events? apart from balloons being a part of the decor. Well let me enlighten you. First of all, forget about the balloons! The balloons are not a metaphor! Just think about where that song resonates with you.

When you hear that song (even if you find it annoying), what is the first memory that pops into your head? what is the first thing that comes to mind?

I should think it makes you reminisce of a certain time or event. That may be in one of those places mentioned earlier in the post, or it may just be sat in front of the television on a Thursday evening watching Mr Edmonds on Top of the Pops, but no matter the venue or activity, it revokes a memory, good or bad.

Soundtracks are a really important part in capturing an audience in remembering your event. No matter your event, big, small, specialist or mass production, using all 5 senses needs to be at the core of your ideas, and sound is a really key element of this. There are so many ways to use sound now, from pre, during and post event. Sounds, notification tones, songs, soundtracks, entrance music....the list is endless.

When we provide our services for events, we make sure we look at all the five senses. Sight, sound, smell, hearing and touch. Ensuring a focus on these five allows all those attending the event to engage with your performace, conference or gathering in multiple ways, allowing them to discover on convey your messgae in the way they prefer the most. Remember though, whatever you do to highten those senses, that it must portray you and your ambition.

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