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Feeling our way through

I have been in a whirlwind of events, cultures, ideas and imagination since my most recent journey began back in March, but one of my primary missions no matter where I am or what I am doing as an individual is to continue to be inspired.

I love to work with those who dare to look at things differently.

I don’t want to be a thought leader, but as i stated in my recent post - What if you innovate? I would like to play my part in changing the way the world thinks.

I want to listen to the different. The things that seem too risky for investors. I want to see the unexpected, as these are the things that will help enable change, they will disrupt, and some will prevail to become the future norm.

We are taught, educated and developed within our business to set a strategy and to stick to it. Well, strategy is important, but strategy also has to be adaptable to new ideas, new technology, new disruptions...sometimes strategy has to allow us to feel our way in the dark.

Thinking this way, has undeniably changed our business and our world. Opening oursleves to new ideas, new ways of working. We have embraced this working methodolgy this year and not only are we now creating a new working environment in order to imagine the world differently, but new opportunities have arisen, with a chance to work in two new continents later this year.

There is a place where we can be kind and thrive in the business world, but it is up to us to stick to our values. For us we are moving in the right direction. So, my advice this month, invest in listening and learning from all walks of life and take that opportunity you were scared may just help change your world too.

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