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I was lucky enough to be one of the representatives at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit this year. The summit is the pinnacle event of approximately 500,000 young entrepreneurs and the organisations that support them. Hundreds of us as young entrepreneurs met in Fukuoka, Japan in May 2019 which meant I was surrounded with talented future leaders from across the world. We were able to discuss key and emerging themes across a multitude of topics.

A key topic of discussion throughout the week was change. As a society and as businesses, change has to be embraced, as no matter where you are in the world change is becoming the 'norm'. The days of completing the same task over and over through your working life have reduced considerably. From technology advancements that have allowed for repetition to be digitalised, to our inquisitive minds realising that we can create or work in roles that align with our passions.

Change through innovation was the key underlying topic at the global summit of young entrepreneurs and as Tom Freston once said, 'Innovation can be as simple as taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way'.

Tom Freston is probably not a name you are familiar with, and you’re probably asking what credentials does he have to talk about innovation?

Well, Tom’s portfolio includes being one of the original founders of MTV (Music Television). Before MTV came to exist, we were used to a 30-minute programme for our music fix ‘Top of the Pops’. Artists didn’t create heart stopping videos, they mainly just videoed a live performance of themselves. At the same time we were just finding our feet with non-terrestrial TV. When the first BSKYB box was released it had 32 channels to choose from, decupling from the 3 or 4 dependants that were available through your ariel.

What Tom could see, that many others couldn't was the transformation of Generation Y into Generation X.

In the late 80's Generation X were moving into their teen years, they had a different up-bringing, a different set of wants to what had gone before. Culture was changing as fast as the music. Being an innovator, Tom decided to push two worlds together not just between music and video, but Generation X and their culture. He created a service dedicated to them.

Thinking about it now, it seems obvious, who wouldn't want music video streamed to their Television 24 hours a day?

And this is where clever innovation lies. Simplicity is often the answer.

I am lucky. I get the chance to help people like you reading this post to create innovative experiences in multiple ways such as finding sustainable products and using multisensory engagement. We are able to innovate together.

Working together we may only be a small piece in an enormous game of chess in the world, but we all have our part to play. And if we make it to the other side of the board a pawn becomes a Queen.

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