Add a little sparkle, WhatIF package experiences 


WhatIF experiences


From team activities to virtual experiences, we provide both the virtual and the physical. Every virtual party is matched with the perfect physical accompaniment. Build morale, create giggles and have lots of fun! 

Our new virtual event packages build the camaraderie of the workforce, providing light relief during this time.



Example experiences:

  • Curated experience boxes, identified to resonate with your brand

  • Local producers and environmental hampers

  • Gift a movie night experience

  • Online Christmas party with multiple artists and food and wine sent to the team.

  • Outdoor experiences and swimming with sharks.

  • Sparkling wine and chocolates

  • Small team experiences 




Locally sourced, environmentally friendly but still luxurious. 

We will personalise the contents you require per basket, ensuring your gifts match your brand values.


See our online shop here or click on the butotn below to tlak about how we can help you with a bespoke package.

Prices strating from as little as £30 per hamper 

Christmas party.png

Small team, or a special occasion?

Our at home experiences that make a special occasion more special. We have multiple packages and ideas to help bring a special occasion to life.


Prices range from;

£6 per person for a small gift to
up to £80pp for the full experience

Live Events 

We understand that as a business often there can be peaks in your support needs.


We offer multiple packages that can help support your business in times of need or uncertainty. We offer both in-house and virtual event support.

We also offer bespoke personalised packages if you would like a personalised quote please email us

Corporate virtual and live event production

3 months lead time

Events Fee: £10,000

6 months lead time

Events fee: £20,000

12 months lead time 

Events Fee: £40,000

Support is available across multiple events and multiple lead times, with a team of dedicated staff and external freelancers.

Daily rates for live & virtual events

For when you need some extra support short-term.

Event Registration Support Staff

Daily Rate: £120


Project Coordinator

Daily Rate: £140

Event and Marketing Manager

Daily Rate: £300

Event Director

Daily Rate: £400